Buchanan Disposal Solutions is fully permitted to process oil and gas waste safely and efficiently with a maximum level of environmental protection in mind.

  • Drilling Waste – drill cuttings, drilling mud, and other related wastes

  • Completion Waste – expended frac sand, flow back water, and other completion wastes

  • Tank bottoms and sludge – slurries of solids, oils, and water that settle to the bottom of tanks and vessels.

  • Other non-hazardous E&P wastes - Oilfield wastes that are classified as “Non-Hazardous” and can be safely received, processed, and disposed at our best-in-class processing facility

DRY WASTE  (2018)

Oil contaminated soils and soils derived from the removal of drilling locations. In 2018, Buchanan Disposal Solutions’ planned 112-acre Midland County site will be open and ready to serve you.

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